ACTIVITIES AT First art fair 2022


First Art Fair 2022 was festively opened by Sylvana Simons, parliamentary leader of BIJ1 and member of the House of Representatives. As openingact of the fair, she revealed the portrait that Wim Heldens – whose work was brought by Gallery Mooiman from Groningen – made of her. At the First Art Fair the portrait was shown to the public for the first time.

artist talks (In dutch)

Experience shows: if you know more about the motives of an artist, you understand his or her work better and you appreciate it even more.
Therefore, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, ARTIST TALKS took place in the Waterkantzaal by artists whose work can be found at the fair.


Friday March 25  
12:30 Ermien Koster (Ermina Art) 
13:30 John Wassenaar - Galerie ArtBoutique 
14:00 Annemiki Bok
14:30 Herman Kuypers
15:00 Tarja Laine 
15:30 Cora Vogtschmid
16:00 Saskia Huitema
16:30 Dennis Coenraad - Galerie MooiMan
20:00 Marco Käller

Saturday March 26  
12:00 Angelique van den Born 
12:30 Lambert Oostrum 
13:30 Willy Felice 
14:00 Art by Tar (Tarja Vandergoot) 
14:30 Eric Schutte - Galerie Bonnard
15:00 Annuska 't Hart 
15:30 Anne-Rixt Kuik - Galerie Bonnard 
16:00 Hans Gilbers 
16:30 Saskia de Rooy
17:00 Simone Boon

Sunday March 27  
12:00 Kaat Stieber - ArtPublicity
12:30 Nicole Bannenberg
13:00 Tania Rivilis - Galerie Bonnard
13:30 Ángeles Nieto
14:00 Wendy Buiter - Royals and Rebels 
14:30 Boris Paval Conen - Galerie Bonnard 
15:00 Bart Somers - Van Loon Galleries 
15:30 Mi-Lou Beugeling - SHE Art Gallery
16:30 Iris Gonzalez - Royals and Rebels
17:00 Hannelore Houdijk - SHE Art Gallery



Wine tasting at panorama deck

At the Panoramadeck the Dutch Wijnkoperij De Kasteelhoeve is happy to receive you for a wine tasting of their fantastic wine collection, while enjoying also the art and the spectacular view from the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam.